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Marvel Science Stories was an American pulp magazine that ran for a total of fifteen issues in two separate runs, both edited by Robert O. Erisman. The first issue was dated August 1938, and this genre carried stories with suggested sexual content than was unusual for the genre. This was the first of several titles featuring the word “Marvel”, and Marvel Comics came from the same stable in the future.
The magazine was canceled after the April 1941 issue, but when a boom in science fiction magazines began in 1950, the publishers revived it. The first issue of the new series was dated November 1950; a further six issues appeared, the last dated May 1952. In the opinion of science fiction historian Joseph Marchesani, the quality of the second incarnation of the magazine was superior to the first, but it was unable to compete with the new higher-quality magazines that had appeared in the interim.
This was the first time that the word “Marvel” was used in the title of a Goodman publication. It went on to be used in other titles, notably Marvel Comics in the following year.

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